Hurricane Irma UAS Datasets

On September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall across Marco Island on the western coast of Florida as a category 3 storm. With a northward path over the state, Irma inflicted wind, rain and storm-surge related damage with significant impacts in several Florida counties. After completing life safety missions with Florida USAR Task Force 8 in Putnam County, the EMHS/CDRP UAS Team was requested by Collier County EM to fly UAS missions in support of post-disaster critical infrastructure assessments. The EMHS/CDRP UAS Team spent the next five days flying 139 missions and collecting over 50GB of damage related images and video. This website serves as a repository for the data that was collected for these missions. Open to all users is a Dataset Overview with summary information for all the of missions flown. More detailed mission data, including raw images and video, can be accessed if users Request Access to this data. Additional information related to this data, missions flown or general information about the EMHS/CDRP UAS Team can be found on the About This Data page.